Small Ways To Say “I Love You” This Valentine’s Day

8 fun ways to surprise and show your love for your family this Valentine’s Day.

Since having kids, Valentine’s Day has changed from trendy restaurants with candlelight dinners to making heart shaped pancakes for the kids. That’s OK with my husband and I because after all, our kids are the biggest expression of our love. So, instead of just one night of romance, we enjoy several days of doing little things that tell the kids “We Love You.”

There are an endless number of small ways to show your family love this Valentine’s Day but here are a few fun and creative ideas to inspire you. 

The Power of a Flower

Every year on Valentine’s Day, my daughter gets 1 rose from her Dad, which puts the biggest smile on her face. The first year he brought one to her at daycare, she showed it to everyone in the building. Read more about the Power of a Flower for your little girl.


Table for Two in the Kitchen, Please

Instead of going out for dinner, have a special night at home, with the kids by cooking together and then having the kids serve you as waiters with a romantic, candle lit feast. Here’s how to make it happen.


The Red Dinner

Be silly with your Valentine’s Day dinner and serve only red or pink food. Spaghetti with red sauce, red peppers, and chocolate fondue with strawberries, raspberries, and red grapes is a fun red menu. Here’s an easy recipe for Chocolate Fondue.


Cookie Cutter Solutions

There are so many fun things you can do with a heart-shaped cookie cutter! For my daughter’s lunch, I cut her sandwich into a heart shape to surprise her when she opens her lunch box. Last night we took pound cake, cut heart shapes out of the slices, drizzled chocolate over it and added a dollop of whip cream. Easy and yummy! You can also spread a thick layer of whipped cream out on a cookie sheet, freeze it and then cut heart shapes out while frozen. Drop that creamy heart in a mug of hot chocolate for some fun! Finally, here are directions to make super-fun, heart-shaped brownies.


Make an Appointment for Fun 

Give your child a coupon for a date night with Mom or Dad. Do something special just with them and get it on the calendar now so they can look forward to their special time with you. Here are 5 Ideas for Date Night with your Child.


Lunch Date

Surprise your kids by showing up at school and taking them out for lunch on Valentine’s Day. (Call ahead to let the school and teacher know!)


Sweet Love Notes

Leave love notes for your kids (or spouse) around the house. I like to tape a Hershey’s kiss or some other candy to a small index card or left-over class Valentine’s Day cards and hide them around the house for the kids to find. 


The Honey Done List

Just because we celebrate Valentine’s Day with the kids doesn’t mean I forget my husband. I like to knock something off of his To-Do List, as a special treat. My husband had been complaining that his dresser was out of control but he didn’t have time to clean it out. I surprised him by taking that little annoying chore off of his mental to-do list and he loved it.


What small acts of love are you going to share with your family this Valentine’s Day? 

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